Do I work?

Yes…. And the short job description is:- Marketing assistant for a limited company in the UK. Prudence means my work life stays well away from here. Hurrah!

This blog is for mindless and sometimes dull entertainment, blowing off steam, having a laugh and such and such.

As one would expect I am closing in on retiring but the date for that moves further forwards in time the older I get. I, for one, like my work as it is for me a small business and keeps me sane. Enough enough.

So… the question is. Do you want to read my stuff? If so follow me, I may even make you laugh out loud one day and that is the real sense of achievement.

I have stuff online elsewhere and the link is here…

This one has my first full length novel on it for you to read at your own leisure plus other stuff from archives and ages ago. One day I may combine the two into one which is sensible what?




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