The Forest

NEAR where I live is the New Forest cutting a swathe across Hampshire and is divided by a notorious road known as the A31. The bigger towns are Ringwood and Lyndhurst which are small compared to somewhere like Bournemouth or Salisbury. Salisbury is not big considering it is the capital city for Wiltshire, which in itself is one of England’s gems.




Animals, cattle, ponies, donkeys, pigs, deer, all manner of wildlife thrive peacefully in the Forest but occasionally and all too often they are victims of idiots who drive too fast. Especially at night. People with some sense slow down and drive at a more leisurely pace to enjoy the views which are beautiful and ever-changing throughout the seasons.

Petitions fall by the wayside to lower the speed limit to below 40 MPH or 64K. So far it has remained the same. Until the change is made to bring the speed limit down to a slower pace, more animals will die or be horribly injured and needing to be put down.

Don’t be an idiot and create a statistic by driving too fast, enjoy the view. Even at night a glimpse of deer is still a wonder to behold as they stray across the roadways.

Be careful and drive carefully.

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